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Up to the new millennium the combination of private knowledge and its implementation into creative products is preserved.

First patent applications by Hans Hilberling in 1993 for pay-TV applications.
1997 patent application within the scope of measurement technology.


Technical Experimental Radio Service next to HF Development

DK7LG's Home Laboratory

Research Work at the Home Laboratory

OM Hilberling at the Home Laboratory

Research Work at the Home Laboratory

Research Work at the Home Laboratory

IM3 Test 500W PA Module

Function Test of 20 ... 100MHz / 500W PA Module

Function Test of 100 ... 500MHz / 250W PA Module

Function Test of 100 ... 500MHz / 250W PA Module

Function Test of 100 ... 500MHz / 250W PA Module

Function Test of 100 ... 500MHz / 250W PA Module

100 ... 500MHz SWR Coupler Module

Design of 500W PA Module

Research Work on 500W-PA-Module at the Home Laboratory

Research Work on 500W-PA-Module at the Home Laboratory

Research Work 1.8 ... 150MHz / 200W-PA

... the Ham Radio Station — from here DK7LG is QRV ...


Antenna Installation at the Home Laboratory — not only for Ham Radio Service








      Product Development up to Start of Production    



Research Work on 20 ... 100MHz PA

Research Work on 20 ... 100MHz PA

1.5 ... 30MHz / 500W PA Modules

Development of Power Amplifiers

Development of Power Amplifiers

First Function Test of Power Amplifier

PA's ready for Delivery
      RF Technology    


The development of equipment for technical experimental radiocommunication service represents a not unimportant part in the company's (pre) history.


From the beginning Hilberling is the specialist for development and production of components of high-frequency and radio telecommunications.


VHF 2 m Band Panorama Receiver PC200 · Display on TV-Screen / Monitor


In the course of technological change new circuit and device concepts were repeatedly created which were introduced and presented to the interested reader for private reproduction by OM Hans Hilberling in the form of first publications in professional journals.


Mobile Transceiver Kit MT80/20 · 12 V · 100 Watt · CQ DL 4/5-77


Examples for the use of analog technology in the spectral analysis.
Panorama Receiver / Spectrum Analyzer


Spectrum Analyzer  SA677 · 100 kHz ... 1.5 GHz
Center Frequency Secondary Receiver AM / FM


Detailed descriptions and the option to purchase a complete kit made it possible to reach even the less experienced radio amateur in the possession of a high-quality and inexpensive device.


20 m Band Receiver Kit RX14 · 5 ... 15 V · CQ DL 12-81


1980 first synthesizers with Pal-TV delay line or channel spacing kept entry into the transceiver technology.
In this example the unpublished 5-band Hilberling Transceiver MT80-10:


5 Band Mobile Transceiver MT80-10 · 12 V · 100 Watt


The PLL technology with tunable phase shifter and Pal-TV delay line (FM Braun devices) is well suited for DIY projects.
As here the HF receiver RX16 from the ham radio forge Hilberling in 1985.


SW All-Mode Receiver RX16 · 9 kHz ... 16 MHz · 12 V

      Laser Modulator    

First development sample from the early days of Hilberling GmbH.


100 W HF Generator QSD W12 · Switch-Off-Time 150 nsec

      Beginnings of WLAN Technology    

From the initial idea to the finished industrial product we advice, develop and produce as a partner of large companies.


128 k UHF Data Radio Modem

      MIL HF Transceiver    

Project: Military HF Emergency Radio Systems


Computer Controlled Short Wave Transceiver  HT2050 · 1.5 ... 30 MHz
AM / SSB ·100 Watt PA  · 12 / 28 V
Full Emergency Radio Operation with Control Unit in the Handset

      Direction Finder    

Fox hunting receiver for sporting radio direction finding competitions.
As an example the fox hunting receiver Heide for the 80 m / 2 m band.


Fox Hunting Receiver Heide · 9V

      TV Picture Transmission (SSTV)    

Slow-Scan-TV providing 8-second frames shows the beginnings of image transmission in telephone lines.

Shown below the combination of rotating "drum scanner" and afterglow radar tube allowed without today's memory chips continuous image transmission in the radio voice channel.


8 sec. Slow-Scan TV-Picture Transmission

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