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       our Company Anniversary 2018    
30 Years Hilberling GmbH     1988 - 2018
      first-time certification according to ISO 9001    

Mid-December 2017 we finalized successfully the certification for the introduction of a quality management system according to current standards.

The international accepted standard ISO 9001:2015 now also forms in our company the basis of an efficient quality management.

      our company location    

In February 2016, we moved into our new home, located in Schacht-Audorf, lying next to the Kiel Canal in the industrial area "Gewerbegebiet an der K76 / NOK", only about 1.3 km linear distance from our previous location in Rendsburg.


Our new company building located in 24790 Schacht-Audorf, Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 2
      the company's history    
    Hilberling GmbH was founded in 1988 by its firm owner and today's chief developer Hans Hilberling located in Rendsburg / Northern Germany.

After many years of engineering work in the development of radio telecommunication devices for aircraft, and later also for marine radio equipment on vessels the foundation was laid for the Hilberling GmbH.

Already in the first years of apprenticeship and study first appliances and publications in professional journals around the amateur radio service arised.
(see also Ham Radio)

As one of the strongest business of Hilberling GmbH the line of high frequency generators (Q-switch drivers) utilized in the laser industry (Lettering Laser) grows up. Equally successful is designed the development and manufacture of power supply units and power amplifiers (HF / VHF / UHF).

More recently carried out by the development and launch of Private equipment (transceiver, power amplifier) for the premium segment in the field of amateur radio.
      Focus of Work    
RF Power Generators
Microwave Messurement Systems
Wireless Data Transmission
Power Supply Units
Radio Telecommunications Technology
Technical Software
EMC Consulting
       our Company Anniversary 2008    
We celebrate 20 Years Hilberling GmbH     1988 - 2008


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